Training Programs Overview

How many times do great ideas from experts vanish due to their failure to communicate in an interesting way? How many of your ideas have suffered the same fate?

As an expert in law, finance, business, education, health care, sales and marketing, or high technology, your success depends on influencing others.

Great influencers get heard… because they earn their listeners’ attention and ignite them to action.

To lead your listeners to action, it’s essential you attend Just Because You’re an Expert… Doesn’t Make You Interesting™. This hands-on, transformational training gives you proven ways to make complex advice easy to follow.

Don’t risk diluting your expertise because you don’t know how to be interesting. Learn to influence those you work with so they’ll understand and want to act on your advice.

What you’ll learn applies to:

•  one-on-one situations

•  telephone conversations

•  small groups

•  large audiences

•  internet-based events

Although the format of this training emphasizes the spoken word, you’ll find the principles transfer well to the written word.

Books and Audio Programs – Learn the step-by-step process of becoming a more interesting expert.

Online Training – Capture the wisdom of the workshop in your own time frame.

In-House Training – Tailored to your organization and offered in-house to your teams.

Personal Coaching – Dr. Paul Homoly offers one-on-one coaching.