The Knowledge Gap™

The Just Because You’re an Expert… Doesn’t Make You Interesting™ program focuses on the expert/novice conversation – the financial planner to her client, the healthcare provider to his patient, the CEO to his team, the attorney to the jury.

In the expert/novice relationship there is a Knowledge Gap – a gap between what the expert knows and what the novice needs to know to act. A financial services client needs to know something about financial planning to invest with confidence with their advisor. A patient needs to know something about dentistry before they agree to have their teeth capped. A jury needs to know something about the law and the evidence before they can reach an informed verdict.

Experts speak with novices in the language of the expert. As a result, experts sometimes try to make the novice more like themselves. This process – educating the novice, dragging them up to their level and speaking to them in the language of the expert – can be laden with complexity, confusion and wasted time. Conversations with experts are difficult for the novices to listen to. The irony of the expert/novice conversation is that even though it’s important, it’s not interesting.

Just Because You’re an Expert… Doesn’t Make You Interesting™ is about closing the knowledge gap and giving the novice confidence to act.

  • Paul Hanson
    Paul really taught me the essentials of building and presenting a presentation... that has meaning and keeps the listener's attention.
    Paul Hanson
    Managing Director / Wealth Management Advisor Northwestern Mutual Financial Network