Sam Horn

The Intrigue Expert, author of POP!, Tongue Fu! and The Eyebrow Test

Smarts and talent aren't enough. Just because you're good at what you do, that doesn't mean people will follow your advice, approve your ideas, vote for you, work with you, or fund your venture. Dr. Paul Homoly offers innovative ways thought leaders and experts can become more interesting so that they command the respect and get the results they want, need, and deserve.

Jeffrey Gitomer

Author of The Little Red Book of Selling

Paul Homoly is a great teacher. He's a master at coaching you how to tell stories that get people to think and act. If you have a desire to be an interesting expert, take his workshop as soon as you can.

Paul Hanson

Managing Director / Wealth Management Advisor Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Paul really taught me the essentials of building and presenting a presentation... that has meaning and keeps the listener's attention.

Steve Oberman

Dean, National College for DUI Defense

..I was particularly impressed with your ability to dramatically improve the skill levels of your workshop attendees in such a short period of time. On behalf of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the National College for DUI Defense, Inc., thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share your knowledge...

Brian Petrando

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Dr. Homoly helped me understand how leaders captivate an audience to perfectly deliver a message and leave them wanting to learn more.

Jeffrey S. Eastman

Partner, Keleher & Eastman

I whole heartedly endorse Dr. Homoly's communication and leadership workshop, as it's already noticeably helped improve my speaking style, confidence and ability to persuade. I've made great strides working on 'connection to my audience, movement and speaking voice dynamics' as evidenced by the feedback I've received. Paul's techniques and insight allowed me to develop a different perspective thereby changing my approach to truly effective communications - which I now apply during case presentations, in my daily exchanges with clients, peers, subordinates and those I want to influence.

Shawn Dominy

Attorney at Law

I am a trial lawyer, and I recently attended Dr. Homoly's workshop. The concepts I learned from Dr. Homoly immediately improved my connection with listeners, movement, voice dynamics, and authentic confidence. Dr. Homoly's book and workshop are outstanding, and I strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to break through to listeners and speak like a leader.

Kirby Riffel

President, Riffel & Bowlin P.C.

As an experienced trial attorney, I attended Dr. Paul Homoly's workshop to discern my communication strengths and weaknesses. This two day seminar readily provided me those insights, while also teaching me critical communications and leadership techniques - such as how to better influence my audience, how my voice and movement affect my delivery, and how to earn and keep my audiences' attention. This program is exceptionally well designed, includes a great deal of hands-on, individual attention and has my highest recommendation.

Barry T. Simons

Dean National College For DUI Defense, Summer Session 2008 Conducted at Harvard Law School

Your presentation; 'Breaking Through to Not Guilty' was a powerful start to our program and provided our attendees with important tools to bring to the courtroom in the future. A special thanks for your continued support in the breakout sessions --- you brought your special insights and observations to the participants and then had them practice what they learned. Everyone I spoke with was amazed at what you have to offer. We look forward to continued associations.

Gregory J. Zub, CLU

Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

I found Dr. Homoly's seminar to be extremely valuable. Specifically, I have an opportunity to speak in front of 250 chiropractors in the next 90 days. After spending time with Paul, I feel very confident that I can prepare and deliver an outstanding message that will create true interest & action.

Marcy Tucker

Director of Recruitment and Selection, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Paul's seminar gave us a chance to learn something that's almost like a secret --- something very few people know or actually understand. His dissection of giving presentations is the key we all need and I intend to use my new found knowledge regularly. Paul taught me how to 'create an environment where it's easy for people to succeed and feel better about themselves' - this should be our mission in recruiting, training and development. How exciting it will be to bring people into our culture where that's what we live by. We won't have to sell this organization to anyone, they'll be knocking down our doors to get in!

Deborah Millhouse

President, CEO Inc.

I was 'wowed' by the workshop. Paul trained and encouraged the best in all of us. Every business leader and manager needs to take the initiative to move their skill in this arena to a higher standard and this program provides the answer.

Patty Blackburn

Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Ingersoll Rand

As a woman executive in the business world, being heard sometimes has special challenges. Dr. Paul Homoly's book and coaching have helped me become a better 'breakthrough' communicator. This book is very bright and breezy and will help you in all roles in your life. I loved it.

Richard Worrell CLU®, CLTC, CFP®

Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Paul Homoly is my go-to person for developing my leadership presentations to my team and our entire organization. Since working with Paul, my ability to move people to action is at its highest level.

Brian C. Hufford, CPA, CFP®

CEO, Hufford Financial Advisors

My professional career has been about the pursuit of knowledge. Paul taught me that influence is the key to being heard. Knowledge without influence is simply talking to myself. Knowledge with influence is about changing lives. Paul is the best at leading professionals to transform knowledge into a message that impacts others.

John D. Gill, J.D., CFE

Vice President – Education, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

I recommend Paul Homoly's book to anyone wanting to be a better expert witness. I've worked with experts as an attorney and as an educator for over twenty years, and his ideas are the best I've heard to make presentations stick with clients and juries.

Carl E. Misch, DDS, MDS, Ph.D. (hc)

Clinical Professor and Director, Oral Implantology at Temple University, Philadelphia

This book is a precious gift to all professionals who need to build trust with those they serve. Homoly is the best in the world at what he does.

Bob Salvin, Founder and CEO

Senior VP of Professional Partnerships, Pacific Dental Services

Paul Homoly's leadership communications coaching has had spectacular, measurable results with my entire executive team. He makes it easy and fun to grow as a leader.

Michael Augins

President, Sirona Dental Systems

Our Speaker’s Academy and Key Opinion Leader Program is the best in our industry thanks to Dr. Paul Homoly.  He has turned our customers into our strongest advocates.