Seminar and Meeting Planning Guide


  • Anticipate the program being delivered with room lights up full
  • Eliminate lights directly over projection screen
  • Make sure any windows or lights on the wall behind the speaker are shaded or turned off


  • 1 wireless lavaliere microphone
  • 1 wireless handheld microphone on microphone stand
  • Sound output from computer


  • 1 high intensity XGA LCD projector compatible with 1024 X 768 resolution
  • 1 VGA cable to connect computer to LCD projector
  • 1 projection screen set to speaker’s left
  • Paper easel with colored markers

Room Set-up

  • Classroom with center aisle and side aisles
  • Use low (12″) stage riser if there are more than 300 attendees
  • Make sure riser is as wide as the width of attendee seating No Podium or Lecturn

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