Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP

Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP, specializes in making it easy for experts to increase their influence by becoming more interesting.

An expert leader and communicator himself, he works with highly educated professionals who deliver sophisticated services – lawyers, architects, bankers, scientists, educators, consultants, corporate leaders, clergy members, sales and marketing teams, financial planners, health care providers, and high-technology professionals.

Paul’s fresh voice in the fields of leadership and communications springs from 20 years of experience. He provides a highly effective communication process called Just Because You’re an Expert… Doesn’t Make You Interesting™.

Specifically, Paul helps people master interesting ways to communicate – techniques that ultimately give them more fulfillment and freedom in their work and life. This approach is featured in his books “Just Because You’re Leading… Doesn’t Mean They’ll Follow™” and “Just Because You’re an Expert… Doesn’t Make You Interesting™”.

As a professional speaker, Paul holds the National Speakers Association’s highest-earned designation, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). Fewer than 10 percent of professional speakers have attained the CSP level of credibility.

Paul founded Homoly Communications Institute, located in Charlotte, NC, in 1986. Homoly Communications focuses on leadership coaching and communication.

  • Jeffrey Gitomer
    Paul Homoly is a great teacher. He's a master at coaching you how to tell stories that get people to think and act. If you have a desire to be an interesting expert, take his workshop as soon as you can.
    Jeffrey Gitomer
    Author of The Little Red Book of Selling

Dr. Paul Homoly is a Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association. CLICK HERE to learn why this is important to you and your organization.