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If you’re a professional who wants your clients, team members, juries, investors, patients, employees, or customers to act on your recommendations, then you'll love Just Because You’re an Expert... Doesn’t Make You Interesting™.  This workshop is all about making you an Interesting Expert; one who is more likely to influence people than typical experts who can overwhelm, confuse, or bore listeners.

If you’ve taken the time and made the commitment to become an expert, then take the time and make the commitment to become an Interesting Expert.

Dr. Paul Homoly is the best at leading professionals to building trusting relationships with those they serve."

Brad Seitzinger, CLU®, ChFC®, Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

The concepts of Just Because You’re an Expert... Doesn’t Make You Interesting™ are available in several forms; books, seminars, workshops, and on-line courses.


Smarts and talent aren't enough. Just because you're good at what you do, that doesn't mean people will follow your advice, approve your ideas, vote for you, work with you, or fund your venture. Dr. Paul Homoly offers innovative ways thought leaders and experts can become more interesting so that they command the respect and get the results they want, need, and deserve."

Sam Horn, The Intrigue Expert, author of POP!, Tongue Fu! and The Eyebrow Test

Preview the first three chapters from Dr. Paul Homoly’s books.


Just Because You're an Expert Doesn't Make You Interesting™ Workshops

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